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Welcome to our wide selection of moving boxes. With these boxes, moving has never been easier. Forget about worrying about the safety of your belongings during transport, our moving boxes are designed with high-quality materials that ensure the protection of your most valuable items. Don't worry about the size of your objects, our boxes come in different sizes to fit any transportation need. Whether you need to transport small or large items, we have the perfect box for you. In addition, our boxes are easy to assemble and disassemble, saving you time and effort. Our moving boxes not only provide you with protection and ease of use, but they are also environmentally friendly. They are made with recyclable materials that do not harm the environment. So, by choosing our moving boxes, you are also making an eco-friendly choice. In summary, our moving boxes offer you protection, ease of use, a wide range of sizes, and an eco-friendly option. Don't worry about your most valuable items during the move, our moving boxes will give you the peace of mind you need. Don't wait any longer! Choose the perfect box for you and make your move a success.

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Boxes for Books, Comics, Magazines ⭐Pack of 10 units of Removal boxes to store books, comics, magazines ⭐Size 43x30x25 cms  - Single wall. With handles ⭐Uso: Postal box for courier and transport agency shipments. As it can be adapted to various sizes, the volume of the load is optimised to reduce transport costs
Moving Boxes Size ✅10 pcs of Standar Moving company Size uses Cardboard Removal Boxes with Handles. ✅Size 50x35x35 cms (width-depht-height) ✅Quality: Single or Double WALL, KRAFT
LARGE CARDBOARD BOXES Cardboard Moving Boxes Doble walled with handles for Removal - Huge Size Use them for huge objects as clothes, blankets, quilts... inner measurements 80 x 60 x 55 cms (Width-Depth-Heigh) Outer  81 x 60,5 x 55,4 cms Double wall, 2 boxes measure european flat palet
Shipping and Storage Boxes for Clothing  Keep your clothes hanging all the voyage of moving and will not have to iron them on arrival !!! Measurements: 50x50x100 cms - High height Many gowns, coats etc 1 Package = 2 Wardrobe Boxes (includes 2 hanging bars) and store approximately 12 to 20 garments. With Hangers
Art Packing Boxes Cardboard Boxes to protect paintings, flat screen TVs, LCD, mirrors ... ars Prepared to leave space for wrap in several layers of bubble wrap or foam and prevent strikes in the shipment.  Measures: 81x13x69 cms
Art Packing Boxes Extra-long size boxes to protect paintings , flat screen TVs, mirrors ...  Telescopic system, just insert one into another and it's fits to any flat object Includes: One Model A box and One model B box, just insert model A inside model B to adapt differents size of paintings, tv, mirrrors Measures: width: 130x13x81 cms
Boxes for transporting crystal glasses ✅(10x) 10 units of TeleCajas Cardboard Boxes for dishes and cups (in 2 flats) ✅Caja flat cardboard box measured the same as Ryanair's cabin baggage allowance. You can fill this box up to 10 kg and take it with you inside the cabin✅Medidas 40x25x20  cms (Length-Width-High)
Caja Archivadora de Seguridad Caja Archivadora de Seguridad 2
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Self Contained Cardboard Boxes

(4x) Filing Box (46x37x40 cms) Security Locks Included. Big

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Security File Box Self-mountable white box with handles and 2 security lock holes to store 4 units of final files. Closure by means of 2 seals numbered inviolable TYPE-APPROVED, included Measurements: Width: 37.50 | Length: 46.50 | Height: 40.50 cms (outside)
Rectangular Cardboard Boxes Pack of 10 large rectangular cardboard boxes. Measures 43x23x86 cms PACKAGING box in kraft colour. A Reinforced wave. the most economic and efficient packaging to pack all your objects, in the move or as packaging for clothing storage, etc. UTILITY: This is a large cardboard box model for storage or shipping of flat and...
WINE 6 BOXES with separating grid. 10 pcs of cadboard boxes for bottles of wines. As designed for standard bottles of wine, white or red. Case Material: corrugated cardboard 3 mm and a wave separating grid (hives) interior brown cardboard Carton Color: brown exterior and interior with "Fragile" print and arrows signaling "Vertical Position" Includes...
WINE BOX with separating grid. 10 pcs of standard bottles of wine, white or red. 32 x 24,5 x 31,5 cms Case Material: corrugated cardboard 3 mm and a wave separating grid (hives) interior brown cardboard Carton Color: brown exterior and interior with "Fragile" print and arrows signaling "Vertical Position" Includes Dividers
Cardboard Boxes

TeleCajas® |Bicycle Shipping Cardboard Box

Bike Cardboard Box Wide bicycles boxes, American type, double wall reinforced, with DUPLATE SOLUTIONS, for shipments by plane or mail. Dimensions bike box: 140x25x80 cms Suitable for: adult bikes, mtb, mountain bikes, mountain bikes, racing bikes, touring bikes and road bikes.
Large Cardboard Box 60x40x40 Big Large Cardboard Box 60x40x40 Big 2
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Big Moving Boxes Removals Cardboard Moving Boxes Doble walled with handles for Removal - Huge Size Use them for huge objects as clothes, blankets, quilts... Size 60x40x40 cms (Width-Depth-Heigh) Quality: KRAFT
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Más información sobre Moving Boxes

Telecajas' moving cardboard boxes are the product you need to transport all your belongings to your new home and avoid any kind of damage during the move. No matter how far away it is or what means of transportation you use.

Buy Moving Cardboard Boxes

Moving to a new house is always exciting... if it weren't for the move itself, which can become a long and tedious process if not managed correctly. Fortunately, at Telecajas, we have a wide variety of moving cardboard boxes that will make this process much easier and more manageable. Products made with high-quality cardboard to keep all your personal effects safe, no matter what type they may be: clothes, books, toys, kitchen utensils... and even fragile items such as paintings, dishes, electronic devices, and much more! And what about the price? Order your moving boxes starting from only €25.95 and change your residence in the most comfortable and economical way possible... with free shipping on orders over €60!

Types of Moving Cardboard Boxes

In our online store, you will find a wide variety of models of affordable moving boxes, including boxes specifically designed to transport televisions and paintings, vinyl records, dishes, glasses and mugs, portable wardrobe boxes for clothes, documents, bicycles... Everything you need is here!

Affordable Moving Boxes

The most affordable models of moving boxes in our range are ideal for transporting the majority of items in your home, thanks to their good capacity and resistance. These moving boxes usually have dimensions of 40 x 25 x 20 or even 43 x 30 x 25. Sizes more than sufficient to carry multiple items in one trip and avoid any kind of damage or defect. Choose Telecajas and have peace of mind!

Reinforced Cardboard Boxes

Do you need to buy more sturdy moving boxes? Reinforced moving boxes are perfect when you want an extra level of protection for your most expensive, fragile, or sentimentally valuable items, such as crafts, models, framed photographs, electronic devices, small appliances, and many others. Don't wait any longer and get your Telecajas' moving cardboard boxes at one of the most competitive prices in the industry, along with interesting advantages such as the option for 3-month deferred payment through PayPal. Contact us and request your personalized quote now.

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