Telescopic Boxes

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Attached Lid Container INTEGRA 600x400x400 Attached Lid Container INTEGRA 600x400x400 2
Large Plastic Container Reinforced plastic housing with integrated lid Fits together to save 70% of space. Stackable thanks to its Robustness Safe due to the use of seals Suitable for Food Measurements: 600x400x416 mm
Large Cardboard Boxes for Paintings, Large Cardboard Boxes for Paintings, 2
Art Packing Boxes Extra-long size boxes to protect paintings , flat screen TVs, mirrors ...  Telescopic system, just insert one into another and it's fits to any flat object Includes: One Model A box and One model B box, just insert model A inside model B to adapt differents size of paintings, tv, mirrrors Measures: width: 130x13x81 cms
packaging Boxes for Paintings, tv, mirrors packaging Boxes for Paintings, tv, mirrors 2
Art Packing Boxes Cardboard Boxes to protect paintings, flat screen TVs, LCD, mirrors ... ars Prepared to leave space for wrap in several layers of bubble wrap or foam and prevent strikes in the shipment.  Measures: 81x13x69 cms

Telescopic boxes are an ideal packaging solution for long and heavy products that require additional protection during transportation and storage. These boxes are composed of two or more pieces that fit together, allowing them to adjust to the exact size of the product to be packed. In our online packaging store, we offer a wide variety of telescopic boxes in different sizes and dimensions to meet the needs of every business. Our boxes are manufactured with high quality materials to ensure the protection of your products during the entire shipping process. Buy now and ensure the safety of your products!

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Más información sobre Telescopic Boxes

Telescopic cardboard boxes are the most demanded for the storage and shipping of heavy products that require greater strength than conventional cardboard boxes and taller height, such as appliances or televisions.

Probably the most rigid and resistant model of cardboard boxes, at Telecajas, we have a wide catalog of telescopic cardboard boxes, all of the highest quality, with models of different sizes for you to choose the most suitable one based on the size you are going to pack, ensuring perfect protection.

If you don't know where to buy telescopic cardboard boxes, you have come to the right place. Take a look at our catalog and discover all the options we have available.

Buy telescopic cardboard boxes

At Cajeando, we make it easy for you to buy telescopic cardboard boxes, allowing you to place your order online directly through our website, no matter where you are or the time of day. And, of course, at the best price.

With different available options, if you have any doubts, we will provide you with comprehensive guidance to help you choose your adjustable height cardboard boxes. Tell us your needs, and we will show you the most suitable box models based on your requirements.

Features of our adjustable cardboard boxes

Adjustable cardboard boxes are made with high-quality cardboard, allowing us to offer a solution that is highly resistant and lightweight, ideal for the transportation of heavy products that require greater protection.

Adjustable height cardboard boxes have two or more distinct pieces that fit together perfectly, allowing them to be adjusted to the size of the product being packed. They are characterized by having a base on one side and a lid on the other.

Dimensions of our telescopic cardboard boxes

At Telecajas, we have a wide variety of telescopic cardboard boxes with different sizes, allowing us to meet the specific needs of each customer and product, guaranteeing that you can find the box model you need.

With multiple dimensions to choose from, you can get a telescopic cardboard box for frames, televisions, appliances, mechanical parts, and more. Furthermore, all of them allow for height adjustment, ensuring a perfect fit for your needs and maximum security for the products to arrive at their destination in perfect condition, reducing any minimal risks.

Price of adjustable height cardboard boxes

The price of adjustable height cardboard boxes depends on the box model you have chosen, as well as the quantity of your order. In any case, we offer you the best value for money you can find, allowing you to save on your order without compromising on quality.

If you are interested in buying telescopic cardboard boxes online, contact us, and we will provide you with a personalized and non-binding quote.

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