Packaging and Shipping Supplies

Box moving, packing, stuffing and protection.
Bubble Plastic Paper bubble wrap to protect and package all your delicate belongins during the move: dishes, glasses, cutlery .. Size: 10 m x 50 cms (5 m2) 45 thickness microns!
Bubble Plastic Paper bubble wrap to protect and package all your delicate belongins during the move: dishes, glasses, cutlery .. Size: 10 m x 100 cms (10 m2) 45 thickness microns!
Padding and protection

Polystyrene balls bean bag filling | 333 Litres

Bean Bag Filling Beanbag refills LARGE 0.5 m3 or 333 liters bag of balls or beads of filling for sofa puff.For several puffs. PEARLS: For filling PUFF sofas or cushions. Great cushioning and elasticity, recovers its former shape easily
Large bubble rolls Bubble Plastic Paper bubble wrap to protect and package all your delicate belongins during the move: dishes, glasses, cutlery .. Size: 0,60 x 150 m,  (90 m2) 45 thickness microns!
Padding and protection

(6x) Black Opaque Stretch Film 23 micron - 2 kg/pc - Box of 6

Black Shrink Wrap Plastic Stretch Film  Box of 6 units of BLACK Stretch Wrapping Film FOR RETRACTION and PACKAGING. Stretch wrap various uses: Wrap your boxes, suitcases, furniture to protect them from stains and scratches during your move. Weight: 2 kg/pc. Thickness: 23 m; Color: Black Opaque
Bubble Plastic Paper bubble wrap to protect and package all your delicate belongins during the move: dishes, glasses, cutlery .. Size: 1,20 x 75 Mts;  Diameter Bubble 2,5 cms . Weight 11 Kgs  (90 m2) 120 thickness microns!
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Polyethylene foam Foam of White Foam for packaging, to avoid scratches on all its most fragile objects during the transfer: plates, glasses, cutlery ... Measure: 10 meters x 50 cm  (5 m2), thickness 2 mm
Packaging and Shipping Supplies

Handle for Handheld Stretch Minifilm

MiniFilm Packaging Handle Manual roller applicator for use with manual stretch minifilm, saving application time, easier to wrap any object, such as car steering wheels in workshops, small packages etc For mini film rolls of 8 - 10 cm width, diameter 38
Padding and protection

(6x) Floor protection Felt 1x4 m | 6rolls

Floor protection Felt 1x4 m 4 pcs of Special roll felt to protect floors from scratches and bumps during renovations, painting, moving, etc. Made from recycled fibers presented in roll 1 meter wide by 4 meters longFloor of plaster or painter Absorbent and waterproof.Protector of blows.Reusable.
Padding and protection

Roll of Coarrugated Paper (wavy) (90 cms x 25 Mts)

Corrugated Cardboard / Corrugated Carbioard Roll. Color Brown. Size: 90 cms high x 25 linear meters. (22.50 m2) Cardboard quality: biclass paper 250 gr / m2 Presentation: rolls Protection of floors, walls, materials and other surfaces. Packaging of all kinds of objects to avoid scratches. Very recommended for use in Removals / moving.
Packing seals

Tape dispenser with brake

Useful Tape Dispenser with adaptable handle and adjustable cutting for more Speed and safety when sealing your cardboard boxes.  Suitable for left-handed and right-handed
Packing seals

Role of SEALING TAPE TeleCajas 132 mts

Adhesive Wrapping Tape Roll (width: 5 cms - lenght: 66 mts) for sealing and packaging all cardboard boxes woth best seal  (width: 5 cms - lenght: 132 mts) Quality: 32 microns Hot Melt, stuck fasT. Recommend a roll every 10 boxes. Try not to put directly on furniture
Packing seals

Roll tape Very Fragile

Fragile sealing tape roll. To seal boxes containing moving objects (eg, crystal glasses, plates, vases ...) more Fragiles necessary transport of more delicate foma and apart from the other moving boxes
Packaging and Shipping Supplies

Roll of Kraft paper

Packaging Paper Kraft Roll in CoilSuitable for both object packaging and internal filling of cardboard boxes, insulatingIncludes internal mandrel to avoid deformation and facilitate its useMaterial Kraft Verge Weight 45 grms/m2; Total weight 1000gramsSize: 45 cms wide , 50 ML
Packing seals

Flanges 4,8 x 200 mm - 100 uds

Flanges (hose seals) Bag 100 units of polyamide flanges 6.6. Size 4,8x200 high quality Closes bags, ties, binds, attaches, fixes everything; cables, tubes, hooks.... Several of them can be joined together Approved and resistant to traction according to the requirements of the MIL S-23190 standard (Minimum traction tension: 22 Kg)
Storage Boxes

CleverMade CleverCrates 62 Litres

clever crates
Box folding and stackable container saves space with plastic handles. Ideal for transporting in the trunk of the car or to travel. It folds up only 7 cm thick !!!
American tape American RibbonStrong and durable American tape for any application ideal for repairing any emergency or unforeseen. Backing: PE Laminated with FiberAdhesive: Natural rubber and hydrocarbon resins. Size 10 mts x 48 mm
Removals Accessories

Marker Permanet Pen Thick

Permanent Ink Pen Permanent Ink Pen identify each box. (eg, "Fragile", "Kitchen Things" ...). BIC Permanent marker. Water resistant on almost all materials. Thick 1,5-3mm


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