Packing seals

Rolls of seals for packing and adhesive tapes.

Selection of various sizes and grades of packaging and adhesive seals for better closing of the cartons tapes.

Banding manuals for use with the seal more quickly and safely

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Adhesive Wrapping Tape Roll (width: 5 cms - lenght: 66 mts) for sealing and packaging all cardboard boxes woth best seal  (width: 5 cms - lenght: 132 mts) Quality: 32 microns Hot Melt, stuck fasT. Recommend a roll every 10 boxes. Try not to put directly on furniture
Packing seals

Roll tape Very Fragile

Fragile sealing tape roll. To seal boxes containing moving objects (eg, crystal glasses, plates, vases ...) more Fragiles necessary transport of more delicate foma and apart from the other moving boxes
American tape American RibbonStrong and durable American tape for any application ideal for repairing any emergency or unforeseen. Backing: PE Laminated with FiberAdhesive: Natural rubber and hydrocarbon resins. Size 10 mts x 48 mm
Kraft Ecological Sealing tape Kraft tape for permanent closure of paper cartons. Extra strong adhesiveness. It has a high resistance to temperature changes. kraft paper resistant Length: 48 mm x 50 meters 100% recyclable
(1x) ud. 1 Box (36x unts.)
Packing seals

Tape dispenser with brake

Useful Tape Dispenser with adaptable handle and adjustable cutting for more Speed and safety when sealing your cardboard boxes.  Suitable for left-handed and right-handed
Packing seals

Flanges 4,8 x 200 mm - 100 uds

Flanges (hose seals) Bag 100 units of polyamide flanges 6.6. Size 4,8x200 high quality Closes bags, ties, binds, attaches, fixes everything; cables, tubes, hooks.... Several of them can be joined together Approved and resistant to traction according to the requirements of the MIL S-23190 standard (Minimum traction tension: 22 Kg)
Bridas de Seguridad Numeradas y Homologadas Bridas de Seguridad Numeradas y Homologadas 2
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Security seals (Numbered) Security seals with high mechanical and technical properties, made of plastic, are numbered with impressions of the reference number, thus ensuring the comfort, guarantee, integrity and custody of your goods or values to be sealed, while ensuring traceability thanks to the associated Bar Code. Numbered in pairs
Plastic Straps polypropylene strapping 5 mm 7000 mts Plastic Straps polypropylene strapping 5 mm 7000 mts 2
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Plastic Straps 5 mm White PP polypropylene strapping is a perfect product within plastic strapping and strapping for boxes and packages. Material: Durable white polypropylene Measurements: Width 5 mm; Thickness 0,45; Chuck diameter: 200. Plastic strap at the best price Length: 7000 mtrs
Fragile Packing Tape Roll of tape (width: 48mm x length: 125m) with the words VERY FRAGILE to mark the boxes where the most fragile items of the move are, such as crystal glasses, plates, vases, etc. Save time and money with the very fragile tape 125m long, more economical than the 66m long tape and less roll changes in the machine.
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