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Bicycle Box
Bicycle Box
Bicycle Box
Bicycle Box
Bicycle Box
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Bicycle Box
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Bicycle Box
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Bicycle Box

TeleCajas® |Bicycle Shipping Cardboard Box


Bike Cardboard Box

  • Wide bicycles boxes, American type, double wall reinforced, with DUPLATE SOLUTIONS, for shipments by plane or mail.
  • Dimensions bike box: 140x25x80 cms
  • Suitable for: adult bikes, mtb, mountain bikes, mountain bikes, racing bikes, touring bikes and road bikes.
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Boxes to Send Bicycles

If you need to transport a bicycle or store one that you no longer use, these cardboard boxes are ideal for transporting a bicycle. to do it. We are aware that packing a bicycle and transporting it in a box is not an easy task. simple task, as it is a delicate vehicle that does not have any kind of reinforcement or protection. The handlebars, which are particularly fragile in the event of a blow that could damage their mechanisms: the handlebars, a wheel, brakes, etc.

This is why our folded cardboard material is of the highest quality and resistant to impact, scratches and scuffing. thanks to the reinforced double-wave cardboard and the double American box flaps. In addition, if the transport is going to be a long journey or the goods are going to be stored with other boxes (in a moving truck, for example), our cardboard is strong enough to avoid the compression or crushing damage that could happen when it collides with other boxes.

For added safety, the box offers a small additional space inside to allow for the lining of the bike with more layers of protective paper if desired.
These boxes are standard approximate measurements for transporting small or children's bicycles, mountain bikes, city bikes, etc.

We make sure you can find the right box for your vehicle and the way you prefer to store it, whether you pack your entire bike or disassemble it in parts, we offer the ideal box for all types of travel.

In addition, the design of the box includes grip supports for the transport of the goods and also small holes on both sides of the cardboard to allow the box to be tied with ropes or coupled with other packages, as well as to be transported by holding the side handles. This makes the bicycle even safer and ensures a damage-free ride, and makes it much easier to operate both individually and in large quantities. number of boxes.

60-inch Television Box

This box can also be used as a box to transport TVs up to 55".

Length-Width-Height (Inside) mm
Length-Width-Height (Outside) cms
Length (inside)
1400 mm
Width (internal)
250 mm
Height (internal)
800 mm
Length (external)
140 cms
Width (external)
25 cms
Height (external)
81 cms
280 l
Unit Weight
3,10 kg
Manual (with adhesive tape)
Model Number
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