Double Channel Boxes

Double channel boxes, also known as double wave boxes, are a stronger and more durable option than single channel boxes. These boxes are made of corrugated cardboard with two layers of corrugated paper, giving them greater compressive strength and impact protection. Double channel boxes are ideal for transporting and storing heavier and bulkier products, and can support significantly higher weights than single channel boxes. At our online packaging store, we offer a wide variety of double channel box sizes and dimensions to meet the needs of every business - shop now and keep your products safe throughout the shipping process!

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Cardboard Boxes

TeleCajas® |Bicycle Shipping Cardboard Box

Bike Cardboard Box Wide bicycles boxes, American type, double wall reinforced, with DUPLATE SOLUTIONS, for shipments by plane or mail. Dimensions bike box: 140x25x80 cms Suitable for: adult bikes, mtb, mountain bikes, mountain bikes, racing bikes, touring bikes and road bikes.
Art Packing Boxes Extra-long size boxes to protect paintings , flat screen TVs, mirrors ...  Telescopic system, just insert one into another and it's fits to any flat object Includes: One Model A box and One model B box, just insert model A inside model B to adapt differents size of paintings, tv, mirrrors Measures: width: 130x13x81 cms
LARGE CARDBOARD BOXES Cardboard Moving Boxes Doble walled with handles for Removal - Huge Size Use them for huge objects as clothes, blankets, quilts... inner measurements 80 x 60 x 55 cms (Width-Depth-Heigh) Outer  81 x 60,5 x 55,4 cms Double wall, 2 boxes measure european flat palet
Shipping and Storage Boxes for Clothing  Keep your clothes hanging all the voyage of moving and will not have to iron them on arrival !!! Measurements: 50x50x100 cms - High height Many gowns, coats etc 1 Package = 2 Wardrobe Boxes (includes 2 hanging bars) and store approximately 12 to 20 garments. With Hangers
Art Packing Boxes Cardboard Boxes to protect paintings, flat screen TVs, LCD, mirrors ... ars Prepared to leave space for wrap in several layers of bubble wrap or foam and prevent strikes in the shipment.  Measures: 81x13x69 cms
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Más información sobre Double Channel Boxes

Discover the strength of double wall cardboard boxes! Perfect for safely and efficiently transporting your products. These boxes are made with an extra layer of cardboard, which allows them to support more weight and withstand rough handling during transportation. Forget about worrying about the integrity of your products on the way.

In addition, our double wall cardboard boxes are available in a variety of sizes to suit your specific packaging and storage needs. From books to appliances, these boxes are ideal for any product that requires safe transportation and extra protection.

Save time and money with these double wall cardboard boxes! Thanks to their strength, your products will be safe and will arrive at their destination in optimal conditions. And being reusable, you can save money on long-term packaging costs.

Don't hesitate any longer, choose the best option for transporting and protecting your products: double wall cardboard boxes! Place your order today and ensure the safety of your products during transportation!

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