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Picture Boxes - High Quality Protection for Your Artworks

Keep your artworks safe and dust-free with our custom-made picture boxes. Protect your pictures from light and humidity and ensure their original appearance. Take advantage of our offers and protect your pieces with the best quality!

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Art Packing Boxes Cardboard Boxes to protect paintings, flat screen TVs, LCD, mirrors ... ars Prepared to leave space for wrap in several layers of bubble wrap or foam and prevent strikes in the shipment.  Measures: 81x13x69 cms
Art Packing Boxes Extra-long size boxes to protect paintings , flat screen TVs, mirrors ...  Telescopic system, just insert one into another and it's fits to any flat object Includes: One Model A box and One model B box, just insert model A inside model B to adapt differents size of paintings, tv, mirrrors Measures: width: 130x13x81 cms
Self Contained Cardboard Boxes

TeleCajas® | (25x) Postal box (39x30x11) Self Assembly

Postal Boxes for Suits and Dresses 25 pcs of Cardboard boxes with built-in lid for easy assembly. Multiple uses, used in the transport sector for shipping and protection of small objects, in ecommerce shops e. g. mobile phones, bound documents... Self-assembling, closing without adhesive seal. External measurements: 39x30x11 cms
Cheap Cardboard Layers Measurements of the layer: Din A1 | (84,1 x 59,4 cms) Online sale of corrugated and recycled cardboard sheets for packaging. Special for crafts (single wall)Ideal for surface protection, furniture, appliances, pallet load separation. Use as interior load separators or dividers
Padding and protection

Big Bags for movings and removals

Moving Bags Great hardness and durability to be manufactured in High Density polyethylene of 200 grms 100% recyclable and recoverable material. No handles Available in 3 sizes: Medium, Large, Giant. Printed with TeleCajas logo
L: 60x85 cms XL: 110x120 cms XXL: 120x180 cms
Ryanair Cabin Size Boxes ✅(10x) 10 units of TeleCajas Cardboard Boxes maximum permitted size of Ryanair aircraft cabin. ✅Caja flat cardboard box measured the same as Ryanair's cabin baggage allowance. You can fill this box up to 10 kg and take it with you inside the cabin✅Medidas 55x40x20 cms (Length-Width-High)
Rectangular Cardboard Boxes Pack of 10 large rectangular cardboard boxes. Measures 43x23x86 cms PACKAGING box in kraft colour. A Reinforced wave. the most economic and efficient packaging to pack all your objects, in the move or as packaging for clothing storage, etc. UTILITY: This is a large cardboard box model for storage or shipping of flat and...
Boxes for transporting crystal glasses ✅(10x) 10 units of TeleCajas Cardboard Boxes for dishes and cups (in 2 flats) ✅Caja flat cardboard box measured the same as Ryanair's cabin baggage allowance. You can fill this box up to 10 kg and take it with you inside the cabin✅Medidas 40x25x20  cms (Length-Width-High)
Pizza Boxes Box for Pizza of interior Size 33X33 cms (12,5 x12,5 inches) Selfassembly.Ecological kraft colour (brown) Highly resistant cardboard FSC Seal (Packaging from responsible sources)
Cardboard Boxes

TeleCajas® |Bicycle Shipping Cardboard Box

Bike Cardboard Box Wide bicycles boxes, American type, double wall reinforced, with DUPLATE SOLUTIONS, for shipments by plane or mail. Dimensions bike box: 140x25x80 cms Suitable for: adult bikes, mtb, mountain bikes, mountain bikes, racing bikes, touring bikes and road bikes.
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Buy cardboard boxes for paintings

A painting can have a great value, from economic to sentimental, so protecting it securely with boxes for paintings during transportation is of great importance.

At Telecajas, you can buy cardboard boxes for paintings. We want to make it easy for you to buy them, so you can enjoy some of our promotional discounts, including an additional 5% off if you spend over €199 in your purchase.

In addition, you can split the payment up to 3 instalments through PayPal. We provide the necessary facilities to pay for your storage boxes so that you can move or store your products safely.

Storing Paintings in Cardboard Boxes

Paintings are very delicate, which is why they require careful storage and handling when storing or transporting them. That's why our cardboard boxes for paintings come in different sizes, to accommodate different dimensions of artworks.

Their size, combined with their fragility, can make it difficult to pack these products. They mostly contain glass or wood, which is easy to break. That's why, at Telecajas, we offer a range of boxes of different sizes that allow you to pack them regardless of their size.

In fact, we offer you the possibility to customize the size and logo of the box, with some limits on the units per order.

Cardboard boxes for packing paintings

There are cardboard boxes for paintings designed specifically for the transportation of these types of items. These boxes ensure the perfect holding of the painting inside and protect it from possible bumps, falls or bruises; they withstand pressure and absorb impacts.

At Telecajas, we offer cardboard boxes for paintings, maintaining the best relationship between quality and price, and with the maximum guarantee of protection.

Don't be afraid for your artworks, we protect them for you.

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