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Looking for the perfect way to move house? Our range of moving kits has got you covered! Whether you're relocating to a smaller home or just need a few extra boxes, we've got everything you need to make your move as easy as possible. Plus, our bubble wrap will keep your belongings safe and sound during transit!

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Moving Kits

SINGLE Removal Kit

€69.97 €83.30
Single Moving Kit for single person in small apartment or residences up to 1 room For more information see long description below
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Moving Kits

Couples Removal Kit

€144.94 €155.85
Moving Pack suitable perfect for couples moving in Housing approx 1-2 rooms It contains everything you need to pack both heavy objects such as books and clothes dishes or large. It includes many meters of bubble wrap to protect fragile objects
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Moving Kits

Familiar Removal Pack

€257.97 €280.40
Moving Kit for Families with kids. For Big Moves (3 or more rooms) For more information see long description below
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Moving Kits

Super Familiar Removal kit

€299.93 €347.75
Moving Kit for Families with kids. For Big Moves (4 or more rooms) For more information see long description below
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Moving Kits

Comfortable Removal Kit

Moving Kit Confortable: Avoid overexertion when moving cardboard boxes using hand trucks including Consist in: - 10 Standar Size Cardboard Boxes reinforced (50x35x35 cms) - Sack Barrow Trolly Folding Capacity 159 kgs hight quality
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Moving Kits

Clothes Storages Removal Pack

Big Cardboard Boxes to store all you winter Clothes, blankets, etc + Wardrobe Boxes to conserv dresses, shirts protect from wrinkles Consist in: - 10 Giant Cardboard Boxes Reinforced double wall with handles (40x40x60 cms)  - 2 Wardrobe Boxes doubled wall Hanger Incl.(50-50-100 cms) 
Padding and protection

(5x) Moving Blankets Hight Quality (2.00 x 1.40 mts.)

MOVING BLANKETS 5 Moving blankets Pack, to avoid scratching on furniture when move them High quality fabric and stitching on edges to prevent fraying. WOVEN Hight quality blankets, Made in Spain. Weight 350 grms/m2 - Whole Weight ~1130 Kgr Size: 2.00 x 1.40 mts
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Más información sobre Moving Kits

Moving Packs

Because no two homes are the same, no two moves are the same.

That's why, in TELECAJAS.COM, we propose different packs of removals, in which you will find everything that YOU and your circumstance need.

For those who leave home, for the first home, for when the family grows (or the junk!), for the dreaded changes of wardrobe or for a thousand and one reasons, we present the moving kits with everything you need to change house.

All the economic removal packs are made up of

Cardboard boxes

Bubble wrap and protective packaging

Adhesive seals to close the boxes

FRAGIL labels for your crystal appliances

Permanent marker to label each box

And what makes them different are the units of each article, the types of cardboard boxes, the accessories and the price, adapting to the needs of each reality.

We know that removals are difficult, so with these moving packs we try to make it a little easier: no dizziness, no inaccurate calculations and a cheaper price. All are advantages!

Basic Moving Pack

Don't let anything slip through your fingers that'll make you postpone work.

With this super economic saving kit you will have everything you need to make a move. Cardboard boxes and essential accessories for storing, transporting and organising everything during the move, ideal for students and travellers.

Pack removals Singles

This moving kit for students, singles or more independent, is designed especially for studios or 1 bedroom homes.

In the single move pack you will find all the essentials for a move to suit you.

If this is yours, read on and find out what's included.

Couple Removals Pack

With this removal pack, you will have everything you need for homes with up to 2 bedrooms.

Designed for couples, small families, students, shared flats, etc..

If this is your moving pack, below we tell you what it contains.

Family Moving Pack

For a large removal you must be well prepared and without a doubt you will be with our star removal kit: the family removal pack.

Designed for large families or for 3-bedroom homes.

A very complete and good option at an exceptional price.

Super Family Moving Pack

A large family, a house lived for many years and with a large number of objects, a MEGA MUDANZA needs a Super family moving kit.

Focused for houses with 4 bedrooms or more.

With the largest number of cardboard boxes, accessories and everything needed for packaging, is the most equipped Kit in our store and with which nothing will be left behind.

Don't get dizzy looking for materials to move and start off on the right foot in the new home.

Moving Pack Comfortable

Don't leave your back on the move and carry the cardboard boxes in a wheelbarrow. This is an essential accessory so that you don't run out and can be reused later to carry the purchase, move furniture and anything that requires a heavy transfer.

With this option of boxes + trolley, life will be easier!

Pack of removals Clothes

Composed of special boxes for clothes, and large but lightweight items such as blankets, quilts, coats, etc., this moving kit is perfect for making the change of wardrobe in season and have more free space in closets.

Portable cardboard cabinets and boxes that will prevent the clothes are super wrinkled and will take as long as you want hanging on hangers.

Moving Kit

In most cases, making time for a move is a challenge due to the hectic pace of everyday life: organizing your belongings, finding cardboard boxes to store everything, contacting a removal company that takes care of the transport, unpacking and checking that nothing is missing and that everything is in perfect condition, etc.

All this effort and time invested can be optimised in the organisation phase, in which we will devote ourselves to considering how to prepare everything prior to the move. Thus, one of the main points will be to find cardboard boxes for removals that adapt to each of our belongings and protect them from any bruises or blows they may suffer during transport.

In Telecajas we have lots of formats and designs of boxes for removals that adapt to any need you have. Take a look at our online store catalogue and find what you need for your move.

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