Paper Bags

Paper Bags

Paper bags are more environmentally friendly and sustainable than plastic bags. Paper bags are reusable, have a very long shelf life and can even be used for other purposes, such as handicrafts.

TeleCajas paper bags are biodegradable, if thrown on the ground they disappear after a short time or become compost. The impact of paper on the ecosystem is minimal, and because they are less treated and retain their brown color, they are more sustainable than other types of materials.

Our bags are made with high quality materials that guarantee the safe transport of products. The handles used in this type of bags (which are also made of paper) help to make them more resistant

You can buy paper bags online right here, also wholesale with great savings and volume discounts.

Custom Paper Bags

You can customize them with your design or logo with various colors and motifs, so it gives a good brand image for advertising, even can be gifts in stores, fairs and events. They can also be used as gift wrapping. You can also choose between small and compact paper bags, vertical, narrow, big, square, medium, etc

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