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  • TeleCajas: Your Store of Cardboard Boxes and packaging for removals

    Note: TeleCajas is the cardboard online shop and packaging for facilitating removals, shipments for ecommerce and protection of all your belongins.

    • The new era of e-commerce has led to increasingly packaging required for shipments performing stores to the end customer, that way we select only the best quality products in the cardboard market: Boxes for bottles and cases for hams if you own a wine shop, boxes for pictures if you have an art store ...
    • We not only have oriented stores to online commerce vision, but also the need to make small changes that people who move, and whether for work, students, temporary destinations ... plus we also seek the highest quality in our packaging in general. All our cartons are made from environmentally friendly materials, 100% recycled and manufactured in Spain. We want to be your trusted Packaging Store.
    • Here we do not differentiate between companies or individuals, or the volume of your order. (You can buy a box from a single unit). There is a special article to each object in need of protection, in a move to save your delicate items in your box, using portable wardrobe boxes with clothes hangers for suits.
    • Thanks to the packaging of the TeleCajas store, everything you find on our website will help provide you with the laborious task that requires moving.

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  • 37 opiniones

    Standar Size Cardboard Removal Boxes with Handles.This size is aprox. the standar size moving company usesSize 55x35x40 cms (width-depht-height)Quality: DOUBLE WALL, KRAFT Standar Size Cardboard Removal Boxes...

    Precio desde 1,38 € Sin IVA
    2,39 €
    In Stock
  • New
    1 opinión

    Security File Box Self-mountable white box with handles and 2 security lock holes to store 4 units of final files. Closure by means of 2 seals numbered inviolable TYPE-APPROVED, included Measurements: Width: 37.50 | Length: 46.50 | Height: 40.50 cms (outside) Security File Box Self-mountable...

    Precio desde 2,87 € Sin IVA
    4,95 €
    In Stock
  • 2 opiniones

    Moving blankets Pack, to avoid scratching on furniture when move themHigh quality fabric and stitching on edges to prevent fraying. WOVENHight quality blankets, Made in Spain. Weight 350 grms/m2 - Whole Weight ~1 KgrSize: 2.00 x 1.40 mts Moving blankets Pack, to avoid...

    Precio desde 5,18 € Sin IVA
    8,95 €
    In Stock
  • 8 opiniones

    Cardboard boxes and packaging to transport bikes. Srong Paper Bicycle boxes wide, open, double reinforced wall with double flaps for shipments by air or post Measures (dimensions) to chooseA: 135 x 22 x 72 cms (children bikes or foldable) B: 190 x 25 x120 cm (adult bike wheel 26'-29 ')(Note: shipped folded and folded in half because of the... Cardboard boxes and packaging to...

    Precio desde 14,84 € Sin IVA
    19,95 €
    In Stock
  • 7 opiniones

    Cardboard Moving Boxes Doble walled with handles for Removal - Huge SizeUse them for huge objects as clothes, blankets, quilts...Size 80-60-55 cms (Width-Depth-Heigh) Double wall, 2 boxes measure european flat palet Cardboard Moving Boxes Doble walled...

    Precio desde 4,93 € Sin IVA
    7,95 €
    In Stock
  • Sale!
    14 opiniones

    Extra-long size boxes to protect paintings , flat screen TVs, mirrors ... Telescopic system, just insert one into another and it's fits to any flat object Includes: One Model A box and One model B box, just insert model A inside model B to adapt differents size of paintings, tv, mirrrorsMeasures: width: 150 | depth: 12 | Height: 90 cm Extra-long size boxes to protect...

    Precio desde 5,76 € Sin IVA
    8,95 € 9,95 € -10%
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    Out of stock
  • 11 opiniones

    Cardboard Box multipurpose, easy assembly, used in the transport to ship and protection of small objects, for example: Mobile devices, documentation ...It can also be used for sending gifts, chocolates, shirts, books, wallets, belts ...Size A: 35X25X10 cms; Size B: 30x20x12 cms Cardboard Box multipurpose, easy...

    Precio desde 0,74 € Sin IVA
    1,29 €
    In Stock
  • 3 opiniones

    Self-assembly cardboard box 3 standard size wine bottles.White color. With handle clamping3 Bottles Model Size: 24-8-33,50 cms Self-assembly cardboard box 3...

    Precio desde 0,80 € Sin IVA
    1,39 €
    In Stock
  • 5 opiniones

    Portable cardboard Boxes Keep your clothes hanging all the voyage of moving and will not have to iron them on arrival !!!Widely used for storage of clothes in your closet or store. Boxes for moving clothes on hangers Measurements: 50x50x100 cms - High height Many gowns, coats etc 1 Package = 2 Wardrobe Boxes (includes 2 hanging bars) and store... Portable cardboard Boxes Keep...

    Precio desde 18,54 € Sin IVA
    29,90 €
    In Stock
  • 4 opiniones

    Adhesive Wrapping Tape Roll (width: 5 cms - lenght: 66 mts) for sealing and packaging all cardboard boxes woth best seal (width: 5 cms - lenght: 66 mts)Quality: 32 microns Hot Melt, stuck fasT. Recommend a roll every 10 boxes. Try not to put directly on furniture Adhesive Wrapping Tape Roll (width: 5...

    Precio desde 1,31 € Sin IVA
    1,99 €
    In Stock
  • 16 opiniones

    Bubble Plastic Paper bubble wrap to protect and package all your delicate belongins during the move: dishes, glasses, cutlery ..45 thickness microns! Bubble Plastic Paper bubble wrap to...

    Precio desde 3,45 € Sin IVA
    5,95 €
    In Stock
  • 6 opiniones

    White cardboard boxes to use as bins in offices, with top opening lid for use with document size. Made of reinforced single wall white kraft with cardboard cover Dimensions: width 40, depth 35, height 65 cms White cardboard boxes to use as bins...

    Precio desde 2,87 € Sin IVA
    4,95 €
    In Stock
  • 6 opiniones

    Iberian ham boxes for Christmas gift Built to withstand the weight and dual channel.DOUBLE WALL, EXTRARESISTANTMeasurements: 85-25-16.3 cms  Iberian ham boxes for Christmas gift...

    Precio desde 1,95 € Sin IVA
    2,95 €
    In Stock
  • 3 opiniones

    WINE BOX with separating grid. As designed for standard bottles of wine, white or red. Case Material: corrugated cardboard 3 mm and a wave separating grid (hives) interior brown cardboard Carton Color: brown exterior and interior with "Fragile" print and arrows signaling "Vertical Position" Sales from just 1 unit. They are delivered folded  WINE BOX with separating grid. As...

    Precio desde 1,16 € Sin IVA
    1,75 €
    In Stock
  • 20 opiniones

    Cardboard Boxes TeleCajasSize: a) Single Wall 40x30x30, 40x30x25, 40x30x20 cms (width-depht-height); b) Double Wall 40x30x30 cmsSee description Cardboard Boxes TeleCajasSize:...

    Precio desde 1,15 € Sin IVA
    1,99 €
    In Stock
  • 4 opiniones

    Useful Tape Dispenser with adaptable handle and adjustable cutting for more Speed and safety when sealing your cardboard boxes. Gift 1 Role of Sealing Tape TeleCajas Useful Tape Dispenser with adaptable...

    Precio desde 6,36 € Sin IVA
    10,99 €
    In Stock
  • 1 opinión

    Roll of kraft paper, Body paperIndicated for the packing of objects as well as for internal filling in cartons, insulationIncludes internal mandrel to prevent deformation and to facilitate its useEnvironmentally friendly recycled material, Grass 50 grms / m2; Total weight 7.300 grms Measures: 31 cms wide Roll of kraft paper, Body paper...

    Precio desde 21,04 € Sin IVA
    29,95 €
    In Stock
  • 1 opinión

    Role of plastic stretch film Protector for several uses:  Wrap your sofa, tables, chest of drawers, armchairs.. from staining and scratching during the move.  Thickness 23 microns; Width: 50cms; Mandrel: 300 grms 3 Size: Minifilm; Film Economy: 1,300 grms or XL: 2,000 grms Role of plastic stretch film...

    Precio desde 1,65 € Sin IVA
    2,50 €
    In Stock
  • 1 opinión

    Permanent Ink PenPermanent Ink Pen identify each box. (eg, "Fragile", "Kitchen Things" ...).BIC Permanent marker. Water resistant on almost all materials.Thick 1,5-3mm Permanent Ink PenPermanent Ink...

    2,50 €
    In Stock
  • Sale!
    13 opiniones

    Single Moving Kit for single person in small apartment or residences up to 1 room For more information see long description below * IMPORTANT: If you load weight in boxes choose the Double Wall Single Moving Kit for single person...

    56,17 € 70,21 € -20%
    In Stock

Algo mejorable el tema web pero por lo demás fantástico
PABLO C. 03/01/2018
De todo
Encuentras todo lo necesario y sin tener que comprar mucho volumen, genial
Manuel G. 31/12/2017
Es mi favorita. Todo facil y sensillo
Ana W. 26/12/2017
Buen servicio
Entrega rápida, y buen soporte por WhatsApp que responde al instante.
Julen -. 26/12/2017
Problemas en el envío
La tienda en sí, como tienda, la valoraría más alta, pero el envío del pedido, esta vez mi experiencia ha sido bastante mala. Cuando hice el pedido decía entrega en 24 horas (hice el pedido un...
Marisa -. 21/12/2017
Excellent range of products
Supply superb products at very competitive prices, very fast delivery FOC, would definitely use them again, highly recommend them.
Kevin N. 20/12/2017
ISABEL M. 15/12/2017
Muy contenta con el trato y servicio recibido. Las dudas resueltas por whatsapp al instante de hacer el pedido.
Margarita P. 11/12/2017
Servicio rápido sin problemas. Lo recomiendo
SILVIA H. 30/11/2017
Servicio rápido y atento
Irene R. 24/11/2017
buen servicio de entrega y rapido
buen seriicio de entrega y rapido
Francisco r. 24/11/2017
Mejor imposible
Felicidades por ser tan buena empresa, la recomendaré a todo el mundo.
María L. 24/11/2017
TeleCajas a domicilio, S.L. - Valoración media: 4.75/5 - Nº valoraciones: 144

Shop for cardboard boxes and packing for removal

The Best Cardboard Boxes to your door | TeleCajas. com

Online cardboard packaging store.

FREE 24h Shipping (order more than 45€)

The new era of e-commerce has meant that more and more packaging is required for the shipments made by online shops to the final customer, such as postal boxes, for this reason we select only the best quality products in cardboard market: boxes for bottles and cases for hams if you have a wine shop, boxes for pictures if you have an art store...
We not only have a vision oriented to shops for online commerce, but also to small removals that need to be carried out by people who change their homes, whether for work, students, temporary destinations... We also seek the highest quality in our packaging in general. All our cardboard boxes are made of ecological materials, 100% recycled and manufactured in Spain. We want to be your Packaging Store near you.
We do not differentiate between companies or individuals, nor by volume of your order (carton boxes are sold from a single unit). There is a special article that adapts to each object that needs protection, both in a move and to store your delicate items in your storage room, using portable closet boxes with clothes hangers. Thanks to the containers and packaging of the TeleCajas shop, everything you will find on our website will help you to facilitate the laborious task required for a move. In our cardboard box shop we have a large packaging display window, which you can buy online. If you have liked all the boxes in our online cardboard shop, we invite you to try our packaging section. With them you will avoid stains, dirt or scratches that can happen in a move, as well as protect your most delicate objects like glass, glasses, plates...
And if you need to transport the boxes with the greatest ease we provide you with the best hand trucks on the market, folding and durable...