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American Duct tape , waterproof...

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SINGLE Removal Kit

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Online store of cardboard packaging with deliveries in 24/48 hours

Cardboard boxes and packaging company
We are a recycled and sustainable packaging company. An online store aware of the new era of e-commerce and what it has brought about. More and more packaging is needed for shipments made by online stores to the final customer, such as postal boxes, for which we only select the best quality cardboard products on the market. As a packaging company, we not only have a vision focused on online commerce stores, but also on small moves that people need to make when changing their address, whether for work, studies, temporary destinations, etc. All our cardboard boxes are made with eco-friendly, 100% recycled materials and manufactured in Spain. We want to be your closest packaging store.
Online cardboard packaging store with 24/48 hour delivery
At Telecajas, we stand out as a packaging company. We not only send boxes, we send protection and security. Because we know how important certain objects can be to you, whether it's to keep, organize, or transport them, their condition is the most important thing, and we know it.
The fastest service in the market
As a packaging company, we understand the urgency of having your product as soon as possible. Therefore, our shipping efficiency is strict. Orders placed before 6:00 p.m. are delivered within 24-48 hours, provided they are working days. We have the endorsement of all the comments from our customers, which attest to the speed of delivery
Cardboard box factory
As a packaging company, we do not differentiate between companies or individuals, nor by the volume of their order. We sell cardboard boxes from a single unit. There is a special item that adapts to every object that needs protection, whether in a move or to store your delicate garments in your storage room. Thanks to TeleCajas' packaging and packaging, everything you will find on our website will help you make the task required for a move easier. In our cardboard box store, we have a wide showcase of packaging, which you can buy online. We recommend you try our packaging section. With them, you will avoid stains, dirt, or scratches that may occur during transport, as well as protect your most delicate objects such as glass, glasses, plates...
More than 30,000 satisfied customers!
We are not making it up. There may be many cardboard box companies or packaging companies, but at Telecajas, we assure you the best results, and if not, a solution as soon as possible. Check out our more than 300 comments from happy customers with the treatment received.
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