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2 Bedroom/Office 

Moving Kit for housing up to two rooms, especially couples without children or students with shared apartment

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    Moving Pack suitable perfect for couples moving in Housing approx 1-2 rooms It contains everything you need to pack both heavy objects such as books and clothes dishes or large. It includes many meters of bubble wrap to protect fragile objects * IMPORTANT: If you load weight in boxes choose the Double Wall Moving Pack suitable perfect for...

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    Reusable vacuum space bags package high quality for clothes: Triples (x3) your storage space Ideal for compressing clothes in a suitcase for your travels. Easy furling system Also keep your winter clothes in the closet maximizing space and the best: free of insects, odors, dust, or moistures 2 models to choose from: see long description below ... Reusable vacuum space bags package...

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Showing 1 - 2 of 2 items