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Tidy your things up in a Removal may be the main phase of a move or sending any material, ie, the time decided the day we will devote to the preparation and transport of objects, where we find cardboard boxes Sevilla and how many we will need to keep it all properly and safely, with which company will contact for transportation, etc. This requires time, and to save time there is nothing better than good planning.

Address: Celulosa, 83, 41016 - Sevilla, España

Teléfono: (+34) 665 53 23 58

Having the service industry professionals also ensure the success of our shipping, and in Telecajas our main guarantee is experience. We have a large catalog in cardboard boxes for shipping and moving, all of the highest quality and strength of the market, to protect all of any blow or fall and make sure that your belongings arrive in good condition at their destination.

Cajas de Cartón TeleCajas

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