Pick-up point in Madrid

Every removal is a process that requires some planning and organization. It is very important to always have a transport company quality, but at this stage in which we put into play much of the success or failure of our move. It is essential to invest time and effort to optimize the packaging phase; separating the belongings we want to go first of those likely need until the last minute; identify well what is in each package, to quickly find what they seek in the chaos that usually reign in moving, etc.

Within this planning, it is very important to package each membership, especially the most sensitive, in packaging and cardboard boxes for moving quality in order to ensure that everything arrives in perfect condition to your destination. In Telecajas we have the best in Madrid cardboard boxes for moving and sending any type of object. We work with the best quality and we offer the guarantee that all our moving boxes and other materials, your belongings will be safe.

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