Boxes and packaging for food and beverages 

Boxes to store food and beverages

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Showing 1 - 18 of 18 items

There are times when we want to make some kind of special shipment, like some food or bottle of drink, and we do not find the ideal and correct way to deliver it for a double reason: on the one hand, it worries that the package is not attractive when treated Of an unusual object, and that it is difficult to find cardboard boxes to store adequate food or beverages; Or, on the other hand, that it does not conform to the shape of the object to be sent and that it is too bulky or that the article in question is poorly protected.

For this type of cases, in Telecajas we have the best cardboard boxes for the shipment of food and beverages of various designs and formats, which is why they are the ideal packaging and safer for shipping, in addition to ensuring optimal conditions of humidity And temperature. Do not risk on special occasions and use the safest protection for your shipment.

Stuff you want to send through courier or that you transport in a removal must be correctly packed and protected inside cardboard boxes so that it does not suffer damages during the transport in case of falls or bruises. But above all, it is necessary to take these precautions with fragile objects and delicate materials such as glass, such as cristal bottles. Thus, in these cases it is necessary to use carton boxes for drinks that meet certain requirements and specific technical characteristics so that the bottle does not suffer damage in its travel.

In Telecajas you can find the best packaging and carton boxes for sending bottles, in order to ensure maximum security and protection for any merchandise you want to send.

There are times when we can not find the packaging or box suitable for sending certain objects or special items, such as boxes for food or drinks. For these cases, there are carton boxes for the sending of food, or even for storing them, that fulfill specific functions or characteristics intended for that purpose. One of the star packages is the cartons for hams, which have a specific and peculiar design for this type of food in such a characteristic way.

Find in Telecajas this format and many more carton boxes to store food and beverages, with the best relationship between quality and price of the sector while putting your trust in a safe and reliable packaging system.