(6x) Plastic stretch film



Role of plastic stretch film

  • 6 pcs of film Protector for several uses: 
  • Wrap your sofa, tables, chest of drawers, armchairs.. from staining and scratching during the move. 
  • Thickness 23 microns; Width: 50cms; Mandrel: 300 grms
  • 2 Size Film Economy: 1,300 grms or XL: 2,000 grms

More details

Final price:

49,95 €

Prices in Euros VAT (21%) Incl.

(Volumen discounts from 33,02 € VAT not included)

  • Film Economy 1,3 Kg
  • Film XL 2 Kg

Volume discounts

If You BuyPrice goes down to:And You Save (Total)
2 44,96 € Up to 9,99 €
6 42,46 € Up to 44,96 €
12 39,96 € Up to 119,88 €

Data sheet

Model NumberQR1553

More info


The weight of the Roll is composed of the weight of the polypropylene plastic plus the inner tube or support mandrel thereof.

In this product, the mandril weighs 300 grams, so you have to subtract it from the total weight to know the amount of polypropylene plastic the product carries.

When comparing prices and qualities do not forget this information.


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