Bubble Wrap 

Please refer to the data sheet for each size of bubble wrap in each of the following products:

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Showing 1 - 6 of 6 items

Bubble Wrap

At TeleCajas, we provide a wide selection of high quality bubble wrap protectors so that you can take advantage of the effective protection you need, saving costs and without compromising the quality of your packaging material. We have both small bubble rolls and large and giant plastic bubble rolls, as well as 2.5 cm thick bubble paper and padded bubble envelopes inside. Plastic bubble wrap is one of the most widely used furniture protection packaging, so we have everything you need to ensure the best support and stability wherever your precious package goes.

Our versatile selection of bubble wrap ensures that nothing gets in the way for you to do your packing, whether you're moving to a new home, renting or securing items for transit and shipping safely. Lightweight and durable, our bubble wrap products ensure that your package remains free from damage and abrasion, and will absorb shocks to provide better protection than ever before.

Rely on us for your protective packaging

Not sure how effective your bubble wrap should be? Finding the most effective bubble wrap for you, your application and your budget is easy at TeleCajas.com. All of our Bovine and Bubble Plastic Roll products are designed to offer the highest level of protection, which means that whatever your task, you can rely on our Bubble Plastic Packaging.

Choose the right bubble wrap for you

You can customize your packaging protection solution by choosing from our small bubble wrap products (1 cm) and large bubble wrap items (2.5 cm). In relation to the size of the bubble, the length (in square metres) of the bubble wrap roll, the choice of the perfect solution depends on the type of item you wish to ship. Our small bubble plastic roll provides an excellent level of protection for smaller products such as books and media players, while our plastic bubble wrap also offers great convenience during the packing and shipping process due to the thickness of the plastic material and its durable design.

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Our bubble wrap solutions and our packaging in foam rolls or bubble envelopes, your purpose of buying bubble wrap of the best possible quality and at the lowest possible price per square meter and cheapest possible online has never been so achievable.

The plastic bubble wrap material of TeleCajas has been developed and designed to meet both your individual and individual needs and those of companies as a B2B supplier. We understand that your needs will not always be the same as those of the next customer we work with. Find a bubble wrap that provides extra care for your belongings and, in turn, the perfect product for your type of shipment.