(6x) Foam Edge Protectors Blue



Blue Foam Profile

  • Pack of 6 pcs of U-shaped corner profiles to protect the edges of fragile objects. Flexible. Use: Protect edges of pictures, mirrors and flat televisions.
  • Provides perimeter protection with a perfect level of shock absorption and pressure over its entire surface.
  • Geometric shape "OMEGA" Ω color Blue
  • Long: 2 mts

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25,90 €

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Hight2 mts

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U-shaped Butt-Pad Blue Foam

It allows the protection of the products, by means of the cushioning and compression in front of the blows in the edges and edges of the different products, during the course of its manipulation and transport until its delivery in destiny.

  • Material: Polyethylene Foam Foam
  • Non-abrasive texture in contact with the product.
  • Great manageability that allows a good adaptation to the product to be packed.
  • Ideal protection on the product, avoiding the blows that are produced in the edges and angles during its manipulation.
  • Low weight and volume, for a good protective packaging lowering transport costs.
  • 100% recyclable and free of CFC's and heavy metals.
  • The best interior protection for transport inside television boxes, pictures and mirrors and in general adaptable to any contour of glass, marble and flat products.
  • With a granularity adaptable to irregular shapes, flexible material


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