Wrap Protector Film
Wrap Protector Film
Wrap Protector Film
Wrap Protector Film

TELECAJAS | Resistant Stretch Film Palletizing | 1.4 kg - Length: 140 m - Transparent: Identify the Load | Pack: 6 rolls

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Role of plastic stretch film

  • 6 pcs of film Protector for several uses: 
  • Wrap your sofa, tables, chest of drawers, armchairs.. from staining and scratching during the move. 

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Discover the Definitive Solution to Protect and Secure your Shipments with Our High Quality Transparent Stretch Film Roll

In today's shipping world, where every detail counts, ensuring the protection and security of your products during transportation or storage is crucial. Our transparent stretch film roll has been designed with your needs in mind, combining durability, efficiency and practicality in a single product. Ideal for commercial, industrial and personal applications, this stretch film is the perfect choice for packaging professionals, movers, warehouses and anyone looking for a reliable solution to protect their goods.

Key Features and Benefits:

Superior Strength: At 23 μm thick, our film offers exceptional tear and puncture resistance, ensuring your products remain safe and protected at all times. This quality makes it indispensable for packaging pallets, securing furniture and protecting goods during transport.

Efficiency and Economy: The extended length of 140 meters guarantees wide coverage, allowing you to pack more with less. This feature makes our film an economical and efficient option, reducing the need for frequent replacements and maximizing the usefulness of each roll.

Easy Handling: Weighing only 1.4kg (including a 200g mandrel) makes our roll easy to handle and apply. Compatible with stretch film dispensers, it allows for fast, uniform and effortless packaging, significantly improving packaging efficiency and productivity.

Clear Visibility: The transparency of the film facilitates quick identification of contents without the need to unpack, optimizing inventory management and security controls. This feature is essential for logistics and warehousing operations, where efficiency and accuracy are key.

Residue-Free Adhesion: Designed to adhere firmly to itself while keeping products free of sticky residue, our film ensures a clean, professional finish, maintaining the integrity of your items.

Commitment to the Environment: Committed to sustainability, our stretch film is made with recyclable materials, helping to reduce environmental impact and promoting responsible packaging practices.

Whether you're securing pallet loads for shipping, protecting furniture during a move, or simply looking for a reliable way to protect your belongings from dust and moisture, our stretch film roll is the solution. Its resistance, transparency and ease of use make it ideal for a wide range of applications, offering peace of mind and security with each use.

Don't compromise the safety of your products. Choose our transparent stretch film roll for long-lasting, efficient and reliable protection. Add our product to your shopping cart and experience the difference of packing with the best solution on the market.

140 m
50 cm
Unit Weight
1,4 kg
23 µm
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