Filing Box (46x37x40 cms) Security Locks Included. Big



Security File Box

Self-mountable white box with handles and 2 security lock holes to store 4 units of final files.

Closure by means of 2 seals numbered inviolable TYPE-APPROVED, included

Measurements: Width: 37.50 | Length: 46.50 | Height: 40.50 cms (outside)

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Unit Weight845 grs
Capacity0,068 m3
Model NumberQR471

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Measurements: Width: 37,50 | Length: 46,50 | Height: 40,50 cms (outside)

Corrugated cardboard box for documentation for 4 folders of definitive files with extended A4 foil dimensions.

As it is self-assembling it does not need adhesive tape for its assembly.

Multiple uses: Organizer box, for clothing or as a storage box.

Possibility of writing on the outside using a marker for better classification of office documentation.

Com security holes for compliance with the Data Protection Act

Single Channel; White exterior color, brown interior. With lateral handles for hands.

File Boxes

Our range of filing boxes ensures you find the ideal packaging for the documents you want to send or store. We have several different formats, depending on whether you want to store large file cabinets or smaller individual documents.
For the storage of larger file cabinets (hardcover file cabinets, ring binders, etc.),
we offer you a wider range of boxes.

The boxes come in different sizes and are available in different capacities depending on how many file cabinets you want to store: from three file cabinets to six or more. Its flexible and resistant cardboard material ensures that your files are protected from impact or damage so that you can store them safely.

They are provided with holes on both sides near the handles into which our Homologated Safety Flanges, marked with unique pair numbering, can be inserted if desired. Once inserted, the box cannot be opened unless the flange is broken or the box is cracked. They are widely used in companies that destroy confidential documents and in centres that require compliance with the GENERAL DATA PROTECTION REGULATIONS.

The design of these boxes guarantees a firm hold of the filing cabinets inside them without any need for
too much pressure, otherwise they could be damaged by compression or damage to the
rubbing up against each other. In this way, the design is perfectly adapted to the number of file cabinets it contains to manage the space efficiently and guarantee its security. This also makes it much easier to insert and remove file cabinets easily, without rubbing or struggling.

When using these filing boxes, you can be sure that the documents inside are safe from damage that could result from friction, dropping or crushing.

For the storage of simpler documents or individual files: stationery, letters, invoices,
diaries, etc., we have a range of smaller file boxes.

This range offers simpler, but equally flexible cardboard packaging that is adaptable to the documents it contains to ensure that they are safe from friction damage and falls. Therefore, these boxes are ideal for the correct fastening of folios or other smaller documents, adapting to a wide variety of sizes: folio size, A4 size, etc.


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