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  • Superior quality plastic panels, High quality moulded Multi-Directional locks.
  • 16 Total Compartments for your Shoes
  • 4 x 4 square unit or several small units, or many other configurations
  • Can also be used for storing books, display accessories etc
  • Comes flat pack and easy to assemble.

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This simple, modern shoe organiser will be perfect for organising that messy pile of shoes that currently live on your bedroom floor, under the bed, on top of the wardrobe, in the hallway or maybe even on the stairs! ;-) What's more, finding the right pair will be a breeze, and it will keep your shoes from getting scuffed and marked (just what those Manolo Blahnik's need!)

The shoe organiser is free standing. It is made up from frosted plastic panels which are reinforced with steel frames to make them rigid. You simply push these panels into the strong moulded "multi-directional" brackets provided to make the 'pigeonhole' effect.


There are 16 'cubes' in total to make up this shoe organiser. Each 'cube' is 20cm in width x 20cm in height x 36cm in depth (approx). You can use as many or as few sections as you like in any combination you like! Whether it be 4 'cubes' x 4 'cubes', or 2 'cubes' by 8 'cubes'. This enables you to fit the shoe organiser into your space(s) perfectly. For example, if you go for the '4 cubes x 4 cubes' format, it will measure 80cm x 80cm x 36cm (approx).


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