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Shipping Boxes 

Different types of cardboard boxes and cases for multiple uses, especially for your business or online store, where you can protect your products for sale during transport


  • Mudanzas

    In most cases, taking time out for a move is a challenge due to the frenetic pace of everyday life: organizing belongings, finding cardboard boxes to store everything, contacting a moving company that takes care of transport, unpacking and checking that nothing is missing and everything is in perfect condition, etc....

    All this effort and time invested can be optimized in the organization phase, in which we will consider how to prepare everything before the move. Thus, one of the main points will be to find cardboard boxes for removals that adapt to each of our belongings and protect them from any bruising or impact they may suffer during transport.

    Telecajas has lots of formats and designs of boxes for removals that can be adapted to any need you may have. Take a look at the catalogue of our online store and find what you need for your move.

  • Storage org. at home

    Storage solutions and order at home with simple ideas to ensure the enjoyment of this space in your home. Storage suggestions if you work from a home office

  • Shipping Boxes and Accessories

    When we make a shipment or an order, that is to say, any movement that involves the transport of a merchandise from one point to another, what concerns us most is that the object arrives in good condition, without bruises and without blows that can be produced by A fall or an error. The most common is to look for cartons by sector or according to the size or level of protection of the element that we want to protect. Each carton has an optimal use, and it is important to know which is the most suitable for our shipment.

    In our online catalog you will find the carton boxes for shipments that you need, always with the best relation between quality and price that exists in the market. Trust Telecajas and have full security and confidence that your shipment will arrive in perfect condition.

  • Boxes and packaging for food and beverages

    Boxes to store food and beverages

  • Boxes and packaging for computers and pictures

    There are objects and belongings that, because of their size or fragility, are difficult to pack when facing a move or a shipment. Typically, these types of elements are those that incorporate crystal, such as pictures; Or are valuable and delicate elements, such as electronic devices. There are carton boxes for shipments designed specifically for the transport of this type of elements: the cartons to store computers ensure the perfect holding of the same inside and protection against possible blows, falls or bruises; In the same way as the cartons for paintings, which support the pressure and absorb the blows.

    In Telecajas you have a great selection of the best cardboard boxes for the sector, maintaining the best relation between quality and price and with the maximum guarantee of protection.

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Showing 1 - 34 of 34 items