• TeleCajas: Your Store of Cardboard Boxes and packaging for removals

    Note: TeleCajas is the cardboard online shop and packaging for facilitating removals, shipments for ecommerce and protection of all your belongins.

    • The new era of e-commerce has led to increasingly packaging required for shipments performing stores to the end customer, that way we select only the best quality products in the cardboard market: Boxes for bottles and cases for hams if you own a wine shop, boxes for pictures if you have an art store ...
    • We not only have oriented stores to online commerce vision, but also the need to make small changes that people who move, and whether for work, students, temporary destinations ... plus we also seek the highest quality in our packaging in general. All our cartons are made from environmentally friendly materials, 100% recycled and manufactured in Spain. We want to be your trusted Packaging Store.
    • Here we do not differentiate between companies or individuals, or the volume of your order. (You can buy a box from a single unit). There is a special article to each object in need of protection, in a move to save your delicate items in your box, using portable wardrobe boxes with clothes hangers for suits.
    • Thanks to the packaging of the TeleCajas store, everything you find on our website will help provide you with the laborious task that requires moving.
    • Email: pedidos@telecajas.com
    • Tel: +34 954 99 88 01
    • Whatsapp: +34 665 53 23 58

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